Strength and Conditioning Coach Logan Carson


SPECIALTY: Strength and conditioning Training

Meet Head Strength and Conditioning coach, Logan Carson. Before joining the Sports Center team, coach Logan coached cross-fit classes for six years at Texas Tech University, while studying ESS (Exercise and Sports Science) and Nutrition. While at Texas Tech, coach Logan learned the value of patience and a better understanding of each athlete that walked through the door. At 10 years old, coach Logan began power lifting and diving more into strength and conditioning, showing him the importance of having a great foundation in basic strength and conditioning movements which he hopes to translate to athletes here at the Round Rock Sports Center.

Coach Logan, “The most important thing I’ve learned is injury prevention. The foundations a child learns from a very young age will carry them through their sports and into adulthood. In my experience, the thing that holds athletes back are injuries, usually caused by a poor movement pattern they learned at a young age. I hope to teach the foundations of proper movement and body awareness as a way for these youth athletes to excel injury free in their sport(s).”