Round Rock Sports Center Floorplans

The 82,800-square-foot indoor sports center floorplan is built with basketball and volleyball teams in mind. The flexible court layout can be configured to hold 3 NCAA basketball, 6 basketball courts, or 12 volleyball courts, within the 47,775 square feet of open space. There are 1,300 seats available for spectators and 502 parking spots. The facility also boasts a referee lounge, locker rooms, a training room, LED scoreboard screens, and three large multi-purpose rooms that can be divided into nine smaller rooms. If you have more questions about floorplan configurations, please reach out to our Round Rock Sports Center staff, or submit a facility request form.

Court Level

  • 12 Volleyball Courts
  • 6 Basketball Courts
  • 3 NCAA Basketball Courts
  • 3 Multi-Purpose Rooms (divides into 9 smaller rooms)
  • Players’ Lounge
  • Referees’ Lounge with Shower Facilities
  • Athletic Training Room
  • Administrative Suite
  • 3 Men’s and Women’s Restrooms

Mezzanine Level

  • Main Entrance
  • Reception Desk
  • Tournament Room
  • Concessions
  • Stadium Seating
  • General Manager Office
  • 3 Men’s and Women’s Restrooms

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