Sports Center Summer Camp Round Up

Summer 2021 is in full swing here at the Round Rock Sports Center, so we wanted to let you in on what we’ve been up to! In summary: Summer camps, summer camps and more summer camps!

Volleyball Camp

There is never a dull moment at volleyball camp! Coaches keep it interesting with innovative drills, interactive games and team building activities for the entire half day camp. By the end of the week, campers even enjoyed modified games to learn positioning, rotations and teamwork. Check out some of the smiles and highlights from camp 1 below!

Golf Camp

Golf has grown in popularity with young athletes over the years, and we were impressed with our campers skills this season. In partnership with Forest Creek Golf Club, we taught campers the fundamentals of the golf swing, putting, pitching, golf etiquette and scoring. In this 4 day camp, athletes enjoyed the fresh air, made new friends and learned from PGA Professionals!

Backyard Sports Camp

With endless fun and tons of sport options, backyard sports is a fan favorite every Summer! Campers show up at 8:30am and don’t stop until 12pm in this high energy camp full of every backyard sport you can imagine. Dodgeball, soccer, wiffleball, freeze tag, duck duck goose, sharks & minnows, volleyball, corn hole, lawn bowling, football and more!

Basketball Camp

We made it to the 7th season of basketball camp this Summer, and our athletes did not disappoint! With this being our only full day camp, we are able to create an customized camp curriculum to help our athletes elevate their game all day long. Our coaches are dedicated to helping campers digest the instruction they’re given while learning to love the game of basketball! Below you get a glimpse into the action from the final day of camp: gameday!

Join Us!

With 3 more camps open for registration this Summer, you still have time to join in the fun. Come check out basketball or volleyball while you have the chance! Registration remains open until the camp fills or the first day. Don’t miss out!